World Dog Show 2017

Dutch Scooter vom Storkenbusch (“Riley”) and Endeavour Morse vom Storkenbusch (“Indy”) at the VDH German Winner Show and FCI World Dog Show 2017 in Leipzig.

And finally after months of anticipation we left for Leipzig, Germany early on Tuesday morning. After an long but easy journey we made it there late afternoon and checked in to our accommodation at the Knaus Camping in Leipzig where we had rented a block hut for a couple of days. After such a long journey we all had to stretch our legs a bit and had a lovely walk in the park. As the tennis court was not in use this was perfect to let the boys run free for a bit and play with the ball to release some energy, although soon other dogs arrived as well who were far more interesting than the ball or me.

hoping the other dogs will come in to play as well










Time to settle in to our home and have some dinner and relax – even though the boys had been asleep for most of the journey I must admit I was a little tired. A big chew for them helped calm them down.

home away from home









We arrived nice and early the following morning at the Leipziger Messe for the start of the VDH German Winner Show. Luckily there was still plenty of space around the ring for us to set up.

early start and the hall is already filling up.










And before long it was time to start. First up was Indy who made his debut appearance in the Youth Class (9-18 months) at just 9 months old. Judged by Mrs. D. Witkowska (P) Indy was presented with 10 other dogs in class. At such a show one can expect very strong competition, and as the youngest in class we had very little expectations – hoping only that he would do his best. Again he managed to surprise both us and the judge and although he wasn’t placed with the final 4 he still received an “Excellent” mark which is so much better than we could have hoped for.

Riley was entered in the Open Class, judged by Mrs. G. Werner (D) also with very strong international competition. Not only did Riley receive and “Excellent” mark, he also went on to be placed 3rd in Class!!! What a result after the challenges recently. He really was on top form and we got some lovely encouraging comments from Mrs. Werner afterwards.

What a result for both of them – we couldn’t be more proud and happy.

Below a couple of pictures made by friends below from the German Winner Show.


And so day one at this huge event with 6500 dogs ended on a high. With everyone tired we headed back to our little cabin in the woods for some well deserved R&R but not before a nice a walk in the woods.

On Thursday it was time for the main event – the World Dog Show. A total of 31000 dogs were entered for this event, of which 375 of the best Labradors from all over the world. Who would have thought a year ago that we would end up here. Both boys were well rested and keen to show off again. After leaving our cozy cabin and dropping the key off we set off for the halls As expected this was even busier than they day before and it was a good thing we were early. Given the large number of entries for the labradors it was a good thing we turned up even earlier. The labradors were divided over 3 rings with different judges.

First up was Endeavour Morse vom Storkenbusch (Indy) in Youth Class – judged by Mrs. T. Nordhues. With 30 dogs in class this got very busy in the ring. Indy though was not at all troubled by this and even though he was very excited still managed to keep calm and focus. This was ultimately rewarded by another “Excellent” mark from Mrs. Nordhues. What can we say – only his second show in Youth Class, and with such very strong international competition he still managed to get awarded “Exc” was amazing. Well done Indy!!

Riley was entered in Open Class again,  also with very strong international competition and the judge Mr. Espen Engh was less generous with his marks. With a total of 31 other males in class this certainly was a challenge. Despite that Riley still managed to achieve a “Very Good” mark from the judge and he too performed very well under challenging conditions. 

Very proud of the boys and how they coped with all this. 

After all that excitement it was time to congratulate the winners, and say goodbye to dear friends before making our long way home again. Finally home excitement was overflowing and followed by a well deserved rest for all. We will have very fond memories of this major even and thank the judges, organizers and helpers for a great event. And a special thanks to our friends for their support not only here but throughout our journey here over the last year – and of course for helping with the picures.

2 more shows to look forward to this year and updates will appear as they happen.