Wesentest for Endeavour Morse vom Storkenbusch

On Sunday was the LCD Wesentest for Indy (Endeavour Morse vom Storkenbusch) together with some of his E litter brothers in Hemmersdorf under Judge Mr. Karrenberg.

Indy was given excellent scores and a lovely report from Mr. Karrenberg. We are very proud that our little Kangador has all the character traits one expects from a Labrador and equally proud of his performance today.

The summary of his report can be found on Indy’s newly updated detail page here

Huge thank you to Dagmar Eck and Dagmar Heß Wetz for organising the test today and of course to Mr. Herrenberg.

Big congratulations also to the other E Storkis who passed with equal flying colours.

Next step in the process is the “Formwert” which is scheduled for May and of course updates will be made as soon as we have them