The English Adventure

The latest instalment of Riley’s journey has taken him further afield than ever before…. to the UK. Windsor to be exact.

After a long car ride and a crossing on the Eurotunnel, both Riley and Elle arrived in typically rainy England where they were to spend a few days meeting family and friends before taking part in the Windsor Championship Dog Show.

Thankfully, the rain held off long enough to take in some sight seeing. Windsor castle, the Thames river and it’s swans, and many places Elle used to visit when she worked in Windsor many years ago. Not too much had changed, which was very comforting.








It was lovely to catch up with family and friends, as the Christopher Hotel was so dog friendly, we were all able to enjoy lunch and dinners together. Dog friends included!

The Dog Show itself was an eye opener. After applying for Rileys Authority to Compete through the Kennel Club UK, it was then a difficult task to decipher the classes that Riley could be entered into. In the end, it was decided to just go for Yearling class. The equivalent to the German zwischen class, based on age.

Over a 4 day period, over 9500 dogs were due to take part In the show. 190 Labradors meant that Riley had the largest group he been entered into, with 15 in his Yearling class. We were going with an open mind and with no expectations of a placement. 

The show itself was a typically English affair and thoroughly enjoyable, with some wonderful characters and dogs. As expected, Riley wasn’t placed, but his first venture into the English dog show world was a memorable one. Who knows, maybe more will follow.

And of course, what better way to celebrate this big achievement? A cream tea of course! Elle’s favourite.

After all that it was time to head back home. As we arrived early at the Eurotunnel there was time for Riley to make the most of the doggy play area there and meet some new dogs.

WIth thanks to Valerie Delprat for the beautiful picture of Riley in his bench at the Windsor Dogshow.