September Part 1

It been a little while since we’ve posted updates and things have been all but quiet here at Ex Tilia.

First weekend of September saw us travelling up north for the 10th International and National Dog Show, Bremen (D).

Saturday was the International show, judged by Mrs. Tanja Nordhues. Both boys did alright but were clearly still tired from the long journey up but both still managed a 4th Place Excellent in their respective classes. Nontheless Mrs. Nordhues was extremely nice and constructive in her comments for which our thanks, and Indy certainly showed again that he enjoys being in the ring.

After the show we had a lovely dinner with friends at their holiday cottage near Bremen, followed by an early albeit restless night.
Sunday we presented the boys once again before Judge Mrs. Gerda Groeneweg at the National Show. It seems they boys had more rest than we did as they were both on top form today.

Indy was awarded 1st Place excellent with VDH and DRC CAC

Riley was awarded a no less impressive 2nd Place, Excellent with Res. CAC VDH and Res. CAC DRC

Again, with lovely comments from Mrs. Groeneweg. We thank you!

Overall a lovely show where we made some great new friends.

The second weekend took us to Paderborn (D) where the LCD SRA show was held in the beautiful castle gardens on a fantastic sunny and not too hot day. Judging today was Mr. Martin Falsey (IRL).

Indy was more interested in other things and not very focussed in the ring today. Despite this he was still awarded a 3rd Place, Excellent and was very happy with his rosette

Riley on the other hand was on top form which landed him a 1st Place, excellent with CDH CAC.

Thanks to the Judge and the organising team for a wonderful event and thanks to our good friend Nancy van Egmond for the lovely pictures.