Following the result at the first show in Erfstadt-Gymnich we entered Riley in a Ringtraining session with an unofficial show (“Pfostenschau”).

The day started with some ring training and pointers from judge Mrs. Tanja Nordhues. We were glad we weren’t the only beginners there. We were given tips on how to walk him, what a judge looks for and how to maintain his proper “stance”. Obviously this will require quite some practice but it was nice to get some more context on what a show is about and what is expected from the dogs.

After this the show kicked off and Riley was entered in the Youngster category. Despite quite a good turnout Mrs. Nordhues was apparently quite taken with him and awarded him with an V1 (Exc. 1st Place) and a beautiful rosette. We were over the moon and extremely proud.

And that was it for the day. All we had to do was wait for the results and certificate at the end of day and watch all the other dogs and categories. Or so we thought. Totally unexpected we were called back in the ring to the Best Male selection. Riley didn’t win this (obviously) but we were told by Mrs. Nordhues that this was only due to the fact the other dog was far more experienced and that with a bit more practice Riley would stand a very good chance. That was a little overwhelming but for us the day had already exceeded all expectations.

Since it was a very hot summers day we took Riley to a paddling pool to cool off when we were called back in the ring again. Soaking wet he was now up for Best Youngster….. No chance there then. Again, we clearly underestimated him as despite being soaking wet he was awarded Best Youngster! (Lesson Learnt – if he wins a category he has to stay on standby)

What a day! None of this counts to anything official but for us the results are all the same but more importantly the very positive and constructive feedback has given us confidence that we should look at continuing this show adventure.