Great results at International Dog Show Ludwigshafen

Today’s excursion was to the city of Ludwigshafen (D) for the International Dog Show.

Both boys were presented before judge Mrs. Birgit Pfeiffer (D). First up was Indy. As he’s 6 months old now he’s moved up from Baby Class to Puppy Class. Clearly he had a good nights sleep as he was full of energy and quite jumpy today – something he hasn’t done before. It’s also clear that his nose has really developed as the smells on the ground were more interesting that the treats we were trying to offer him. He still did very well and took to judge straight away. Although it is clear his body is developing – something also reflected in the judges comments – he was still awarded a Very Promising  with 1st Place.

Riley was up a little later. He too struggled with the lovely smells on the ground but still managed to show very well. Sadly his movement was not entirely up to standard today which cost him a higher placing but was still given a very nice 3rd place with Excellent assessment.

As Indy won his class he was called back for the Best Puppy category against the best Puppy Bitch – which he won.

A lovely day again and on to the next show next week.