Formwert Prüfung

Today was the next phase in Riley’s breed assessments, this time the Formwert (loosly breed charactaristics) where his form is assessed according to the FCI Standard. (read more on FCI standard under the About section). Today we travelled to Kadenbach (D) where the assessments took place in a very nice “Grillhut” in the hills. Luckily most of it was inside with a nice warm fire as the first of the winterfrost has already turned everything white and crispy.

Once again Riley was shown before judge Tanja Nordhues (D) and awarded an Excellent mark. Mrs. Nordhuess described Riley as “A handsome representative of the breed.” We couldn’t be more proud.

Dagmar Eck was there with Riley’s sister June as well who was equally well received and also awarded an Excellent mark. Congratulations to both June and Dagmar. The Storkis made their mark again.

Riley and June were treated to some good playtime afterwards in the hills and frosty fields.

This together with hs previous results means the way to enter Riley as a stud dog is open to us. Seems a little strange though that our little boy has grown up so fast. Some more thinking to do on that topic.