Challenging weekend in Neunkirchen for Riley

This weekend we were at the International and National show in Neunkirchen (D), previously CACIB Saarbrücken. We had heard many good things about this show in previous years and were very excited. Sadly reality was somewhat different. Instead of the normal halls or open air the rings were in large tents. That in itself was OK but it was all very tight and despite instructions from the organisers many owners decided to fill up the narrow alleys between the rings with chairs, travel cages, tables and what not. Outside it was equally cramped meaning there was no place to set up properly and prepare in peace. The ring we were allocated consisted of part tarmac, part grass and part gravel with bits of glass around. Not ideal to say the least and a very stressfull time for animals and owners alike. Facebook is awash with negative comments about the organisers and even the Police were called in to support the Fire Brigade who were trying to clear safe passage ways. In my opinion though a large number of owners and breeders also need to take a good look at themselves for not following the rules and instructions and not being more considerate.

That said, Riley coped remarkably well on both days taking everything in his stride. On Sunday he was awarded an Exc. 3rd place by judge Yvonne Jaussi (CH) with lovely comments. She would have liked to see more movement but understood that the small size of the ring was restrictive.

On Monday things were a little better and we have a feeling many people didn’t turn up after the chaos of Sunday. This time we were not in the ring first but had to follow the Flatcoat Retriever bitches which of course meant Riley’s nose was in overdrive in the ring. The ladies are still far more interesting than performing for the judge. He still managed to get a great Exc. 2nd place awarded by judge Christian Jouanchiot (F).

Overall not our best weekend but as always immensely proud of our young man and we look forward to the next show, one of his last in the intermediate class before he has to move up to the open class.