The Feline Team


The boys on their first day with us

Arthur and Albert

Brothers,  Albert and Arthur, joined our family in 2006. Both black, British short hair boys quickly made their presence known in and around our neighbourhood in the UK. Hunting the unusual became their calling, bringing home frogs, grass snakes, bats, chicken heads, and anything else they found discarded in and around the residential area. We will never forget the time they helped decorate the Christmas tree by adding a dead Pigeon!

The boys have endured moves across the channel to 2 further countries, but the new surroundings have given them the rural landscape to explore in only the way cats can.





Little Lexie

In 2011, little Lexie turned up. Small, scared, hungry and abandoned, we managed to nurse her back to health. Surprisingly, she decided to stay and quickly established her place within the family, keeping the boys in check at all times.






All three felines have accepted the introduction of 2 pups to the family, with very little trouble. They all remain characters in their own right. With a purr and a cuddle, they will cheer you up in an instant.

The Characters


“ the boss” and brawn of the group

Will steel your food with a swipe of a claw, sleep in the dogs bed, eats the dogs food and is a master safe cracker, managing to open bins, refrigerators and microwave ovens. No food is safe around Him!






Arthur (Guinness)

“the brains and distractor”

Don’t let those big eyes and soft meow fool you. Always in the background, but very much part of the action. He will be the one holding the door open while Albert swipes the food.





“Alexis Cattington” or want to be member of the “Catdashions”

This little lady had a rough start in life, not that you would know it now. She likes things her own way: clean, on time, warm and quiet. If her food bowl is not full, no problem. She remains our top Hunter, so don’t let those pristine white paws fool you.




All 3 of them curled up