Another win for Riley!

Today Riley was shown at the LCD SRA Show in Kelkheim before Judge Mrs. Anna Geschwindt-Eriksson, S (Eatons). For Riley a little challenging today in the ring as there were lots of interesting smells which made it very difficult to concentrate but he still managed and was on top form. 

With amazing comments from the judge he was awarded with a V1, VDH-CAC (Excellent 1st, German Champion Challenge) and came home with his first trophy. We don’t often post the judges comments but we didn’t want to withold these.

Mrs. Anna Geschwindt-Eriksson said:
“Strongly built masculine dog, good substance, short coupled, masculine head, has marked cheeks, strong neck, well angulated, strong bones, good feet, excellent rib cage, excellent top line, short, strong loin, good tailset, strong in the rear, excellent coat, moves well – overall excellent”.

Today was also Indy’s first introduction to the world of showing as he came along to see what this is all about. As a 12 week old pup in he was sure to get a lot of attention but he put on all the charm and won over mostly the women. We think we have a little heart breaker on our hands here. Both boys are now home and fast asleep. A great day had by all.

We thank Mrs. Anna Geschwindt-Eriksson for her lovely comments and of course today’s organisation team for what was a cold but very enjoyable event.