Another 1st Place – DRC CACIB Offenburg

Following an eventful start last night in the hotel where we had to negotiate hard for a room which could be easily reached instead of having to go up the scary stairs with Riley we set off early to the Messe in Offenburg where some 2300 dogs of all breeds were shown.

The labradors were not as well represented as normal, possibly due to the fact that many of them (or at least their owners) were at Crufts. This only increased our chances for a good result. 

Riley was shown today before judge Gabi Orrú (D) and awarded another V1, Dt. Ch VDH, CAC with lovely comments. 

His reward was lots of attention from many dog lovers in the halls as he proved a very popular young man with other showers and general public – not to mention a certain young Rodesian Ridgeback.

Another excellent result for our little boy and we are very proud of him.

On to our next show in a couple of weeks in Neustadt where we hope he will perform equally well.